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January 27


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I'm not decided on this by any means...but I have been increasingly frustrated with my current deviantART profile for a few months now.  It's not that I'm not grateful for all of the attention and love I have received...I just feel as if I have outgrown it.  
I've had this profile since I was 14, and a lot of my really, really old artwork is attached to it.  I find my art growing and evolving into something more complex than it used to be...being attached to this "childhood" dA account seems like it is holding me back in a way.  I almost feel obligated to create work reminiscent of the past, instead of delving into something new. 
I don't want to make this seem like my style is going to take a complete left turn.  This is not the case at all.  In fact, I've evolved my work to a level I am moderately happy's just not quite there yet (it probably never will be, that's one of the excitements about being an artist. Your art is always evolving).  I feel like a new profile might allow me to make that fresh start I need to really push the boundaries.  
I'll still be working with color in fun new ways.  I'll still be creating much of the same subjects that I am drawn to.  The goal is just to really take off and try new and exciting things.  I feel like my work is too static right now.  It lacks and certain energy and excitement that I feel like I have the ability to add, but am just too timid too. 

I don't know...maybe I am rambling.  The more I write, the more certain I am that a fresh new start is what I need.  Maybe drastic changes won't be immediately present, but hopefully it'll be a push in the right direction.  

Of course my biggest concern is this profile that I would leave behind.  I have almost two years worth of premium memberships saved up, notes with commissioners, countless resources and journal entries.  
I think if I were to start a new profile, I would leave this one like it is right now.  Sort of like a shrine to my childhood XD I don't know if that sounds too melodramatic or not.  My plan would be to note commissioners and let them know I am switching accounts, and hopefully it would be a seamless transition.  

I guess my other concern is if you guys would be okay making this transition and switching over to following me on a new account?

I just feel like it is time for a change....

Thanks for reading. Would love to hear your thoughts. 
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AuroraZero Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014   General Artist
Of course I'd follow you over to your new account its you and your art that we love not the account on the website :3
emmankt Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 What ever you choose, I'll still watch you.

But I feel like it's nice to have everything in one spot, so we can see your evolution, and that's always nice.

But if you feel like changing, we can't stop ya! OuO 
GreenIris4Ever Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Personally, I think that it's a good thing to have your older artwork on here, because when people spend time to look through all of it, they can see how much of a difference that there is. I can honestly tell you that I got started in art when I saw how years of practice could make my art go from okay, to amazing, if I just put in the time.

It's kind of like sending a message out there- Every expert was once a beginner^

~I say keep this profile to inspire new artists(:

(If you are wanting a new one bad enough, I would make it, so that you're doing those new and exciting things as well) And do post the new name if you do make one, because no matter the decision, I can bet that there are lots of us who would still love to follow you!!
rlhIllustration Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
I know exactly what you mean. Simply changing your user name isn't the same as making a completely fresh start in an entirely new account.
It sounds like you feel really strongly about this, I say go for it. It's obvious that everyone here would definitely watch you again, but the change off accounts would be the clear line between your childhood work, that you feel is holding you back, and your new future work :3 
rhoftonwriting Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Just make sure all of us are given the link so we can follow you :) I see the point of this I've done it on writing sites before when I noticed I'd developed and that my older stuff was just different.
darkslywolf Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
Well if you feel that strongly the go for it, i mean sure making a new profile means a fresh start others have done it  and also started going after new and diffrent art styles while haveing there old profile if they want to go back and see how far they've come and learn that from there old art     
AnakaSerigala Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I, and I think most of your watchers with me, will follow you to your profile, ofcourse! (If you'll tell us where to find it :))
And I think that, if you feel like a new profile could help you take a step you're unable to take right now, making a new profile might be the right choise!
Zekkentak Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I think what might help instead of transferring to a different account,
is actually changing your username.

A couple of artists that have outgrown their childhood mindsets on
their accounts have changed their names and they personally
feel a lot better, as if they have moved on.

If you did this here, people will understand.
Its like a gaming company making new franchises.
They will keep the memories and fans they had throughout the years,
but with their new installments, people will realise that they are progressing forward
without forgetting what makes them so memorable.

That's what I think anyway.
If you really want to transfer, I don't really mind.
Just make sure you come up with a sleek username, and that it sounds good too =P
Alari-Jejunen Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
Of course we'll still follow you! I love your art too much not to do that! :squee:
Radioactive-Ink Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you don't need our permission XD do whatever you feel like! c: 
if you do make a new account, though, i would appreciate it if you told us so we could follow you on it. XD
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